October 07

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Secrets of a Wedding Night Book Launch Party Pics!


Thanks to my friend and fantastic photographer Ray Rodil, I have these gorgeous pictures from the Secrets of a Wedding Night Launch Party the night of September 29th, 2012. It was an evening I will never forget! Thank you to all my friends and family (and new fans!) for coming out and making this night so very special to me. And a special thanks to the staff at Chamblin’s Uptown and my friend Tonya Phillips for all of their hard work on the party.


True confession: This picture gave me goosebumps.



With friends, Doris Holloway and Jeff Grant.

Annette Gantert

Author Abigail Sharpe and Christine Hannigan Humphlett


Sylvie Martin and Don Rochester

Gloria Henry

Jay Morris

Jamie Fix and Troy Lukkarila

Romantic Suspense Author Anita Tooke

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