June 01

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June News: Pirate Power!

Happy June!

Ah, I LOVE June. It’s my birthday month. This June I’m happy to report that Never Trust a Pirate is going strong with terrific reviews and a second print run already! I’ve had many readers tell me this is their favorite book of mine to date.

Romantic Times Book Reviews gave it 4.5 stars and a TOP PICK and said,

“Wonderful, sprightly repartee, a fast pace and delightful characters blend together in another enthralling Bowman romance. Always smart and sassy, Bowman’s heroines delight in piquing the hero; taunting and tempting. Together they heat up the pages and turn readers’ thoughts to what original storyline she’ll come up with next for their “keeper” shelf.” – 4.5 stars, TOP PICK

You can still nab your copy!

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What I’m Working on in June…

First up, I’ll be doing copy edits for THE RIGHT KIND OF ROGUE, Meg and Hart’s story, which comes out on Halloween, and then I will continue to write Grimaldi’s story (title coming soon!) which will be out Spring of 2018.

Have a joy-filled June and thank you for reading my latest news.


May 01

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May News: Never Trust a Pirate is Here!

Happy May!

May is a busy, busy, busy month for me. Never Trust a Pirate releases on Tuesday, 5/2! This is Cade Cavendish’s story (remember Daffin Oakleaf from The Irresistible Rogue?). I call it The Scarlet Pimpernel meets Dirty Rotten Scoundrels set in the Regency.

You can order your copy right now!

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Where I’ll Be…

From May 3 – May 6, I’ll be at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Atlanta, GA including the Giant Book Fair on Saturday afternoon from 11 AM-2 PM.

Then on May 13, from 5 PM – 8 PM I’m throwing a big giant book release party for Never Trust a Pirate at Bella Sera on King Street in Jacksonville, FL. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by!

What I’m Writing…

I just finished edits for Meg and Hart’s story, THE RIGHT KIND OF ROGUE, which comes out on Halloween and now I’m writing Grimaldi’s story (no title yet) which will be out Spring of 2018! It’s shaping up to be a hot one!

Have a wonderful May and thank you for reading my latest news!


April 01


April News: Where I’ll be in 2017

Happy April!

Hi everybody,

This month I thought I’d share the details of where I’ll be signing in 2017. Georgia, Florida, and Texas. Hmm. Looks like I need to get up north next year.


May 6, 2017 – Atlanta, GA, 11:00 – 2:00

Hyatt Regency Centennial Ballroom


May 13, 2017 – Jacksonville, FL, 5:00 – 8:00

Valerie Bowman’s 10th Book Party and Signing!

Bella Sera on King Street


July 29, 2017 – Orlando, FL, 3:00 – 5:00

Swan and Dolphin Hotels


October 21, 2017 – Dallas, TX, 3:00 – 6:00

Renaissance Hotel, Richardson, TX


If you’re in the area, I’ll hope you’ll come out and see me! I’d love to meet you. Have a terrific April and thank you for reading my latest news!


March 01


March News: Cover Reveal for The Right Kind of Rogue

Happy March!

Hi everyone,

Lookie! Lookie! It’s the fabulous new cover to Meg and Hart’s story, The Right Kind of Rogue. Isn’t it gorgeous? (swoon) I love how she’s ripping *his* clothes off, don’t you? (wink)

The Right Kind of Rogue will be released on October 31, 2017.  It’s the eighth Playful Brides novel and I just finished it and sent it off to my editor in February.

Next up, I’m busily plotting out Playful Brides book 9! For more details on the Playful Brides series including whose book I’m writing next, sign up for my newsletter where I share exclusive tidbits.

Have a fun March and thank you for reading my latest news!


February 01


February News: The Right Kind of Rogue

Happy February!

Hi everyone, This month I’m busily typing, typing, typing to finish The Right Kind of Rogue which will be the eighth Playful Brides novel. It’s Meg and Hart’s story, inspired by Romeo and Juliet. The book will be available on Halloween and I simply cannot WAIT to share the cover with you (coming soon!). I truly think it’s one of my very favorite covers EVER! It’s stunning and captures the true racy Regency rompy fun that is Hart and Meg’s story.

Because I can’t share the cover just yet, I’ll have to make do with a picture of my little Huckleberry and his stuffed raccoon friend instead.

Have a safe and warm February and thank you as always for reading my latest news!


January 01

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January News: Happy New Year!

Happy January!
2017 is a hallmark year for me. It was June 3, 2007 when I sat down to write my first historical romance novel. Back then, I didn’t have a laptop computer and had to type at a desk in my home office after work on nights and weekends. That first manuscript was calSecretsofaWeddingNight_300dpiled Lady Emma’s Engagement. It’s never been published but I hope to dust it off and publish it one day because I still love it.

This year marks ten years that I’ve been writing. It took me two years to get my agent, Kevan Lyon, who I signed with on June 3, 2009, and two more years to land my first publishing contract with St. Martin’s Press on June 28th (my birthday!) 2011. My first book, Secrets of a Wedding Night, was published in September 2012. Five years later, my 10th published full-length novel, Never Trust a Pirate, will be released in May 2017.

As I look back on the last ten years, I couldn’t be more grateful for my readers, my friends, my family, my agent, my editor, and everyone who has helped me along my writing journey. My dream has come true.

What’s your dream? There’s no time like the present to begin working toward it. Ten years will pass regardless, wouldn’t you rather be able to look back in 2027 and say, “I did it!”?

Have a very happy new year and thank you as always for reading my latest news!


December 01

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December News: What’s Coming Up in 2017

Happy December!

nevertrustapirate_cvrI don’t know about you but 2016 has been a tough year for me for a variety of reasons. I’m looking forward to the new year and a fresh start! To finish out 2016, this month I’m putting the final touches on the next Playful Brides book, NEVER TRUST A PIRATE which is Cade Cavendish’s story (Rafe’s twin). It’s inspired by The Scarlet Pimpernel and is full of action, adventure, twists and turns, and of course a scorching love story. I can’t wait to share it with all of you in May 2017.

You can even pre-order your copy today!

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I’ve also begun writing Meg and Hart’s book, THE RIGHT KIND OF ROGUE, which is inspired by Romeo and Juliet, and will be available in November 2017.  Let’s go, 2017!

Have a terrific December and a happy new year and thank you as always for reading my latest news!


November 01

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November News: The Legendary Lord is Here!

Happy November!

This month is starting off with a bang for me with the release of The Legendary Lord on 11/1! Lord Berkeley’s story is finally here and it’s a twist on the tale of Pygmalion.

You can order your copy right now!

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What I’m Writing…

I’m busily writing Meg and Hart’s story and am excited to announce that it’s going to be called THE RIGHT KIND OF ROGUE!

Have a terrific November and thank you for reading my latest news!


October 01

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October News: A Big Pirate Party!

Happy October!

Hi everyone! I love October. Along with June, it’s one of my favorite months. J’adore autumn!

Pirate Party!

This month I’m planning my BIG 10th book release party and signing for Never Trust a Pirate in May 2017! It’s going to be a giant bash in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL and you’re all invited. If you’re in the Jacksonville area in May, I’d love to see you! Stay turned for more details. I’ve seen the first draft of the cover of the novel and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

What I’m Writing…

I just started writing Meg and Hart’s story. Playful Brides book #8 doesn’t have a title yet but it’s inspired by Romeo and Juliet. You’ll meet Meg and Hart in Berkeley’s story, The Legendary Lord, which comes out on 11/1. I can’t wait!

Have a fabulous October and thank you for reading my latest news!


September 01

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September News: Pre-order a SIGNED copy of The Legendary Lord!

Happy September! 

Hi everyone! This month I have a lot of things happening.

Historical Romance Retreat

First, I’ll be at the Historical Romance Retreat in Spokane, WA from September 22-25. I can’t wait to see Spokane (I’ve never been there before) and meet all the fantastic historical romance readers who’ll be attending. If you’re in the area on Saturday, September 24th, I hope you’ll stop by the book fair and signing from 1-4:30 pm at the Davenport Hotel and say hello. I’d love to see you!

Pre-order a SIGNED copy of The Legendary Lord

Beginning September 1st, I’m teaming up with Author-Author to offer SIGNED paperback copies of The Legendary Lord to those who want one. I’m so excited about this! All you have to do is go here and order a copy. You should get your signed copy the release week (11/1). I will even personalize it to you. How cool is that? This is a limited time offer since we need time to get the books signed and mailed out before release week so please be sure to order by October 5th if you want a signed copy!


If you visit my website, you’ll see a new CONTEST page there. I’m teaming up with Writerspace to provide a monthly contest for my readers to win books and swag. In September, the contest grand prize is a signed set of the first five books in the Playful Brides series. How fun is that? And three lucky runners up will win signed copies of book #5, The Untamed Earl. To enter, just go to the CONTEST page on my website and follow the instructions.

What I’m Writing…

In August, I finished writing Never Trust a Pirate, book #7 in the Playful Brides series. It’s Cade Cavendish’s story and will be out Spring 2017. Next, I’ve begun writing Collin Hunt’s story. It doesn’t have a title yet but it’ll be a novella that I plan to publish around Christmas.

Have a terrific September and thank you for reading my latest news!



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